Gangesa's Philosophy of God

John Vattanky, S.J. Dr
Adyar Library Research Centre

Analysis,Text,Translation and Interpretation of Isvaravada Section of Gangesa's Tattvacintamani with a Study on the Development of Nyaya Theism

About the Book
'... Pioneering scholars like Saileswar Sen,D.H.Ingalls, E.Frauwallner, B.K.Matilal, J.N.Mohanty, C.Goekoop and others have already made significant contributions towards the study of Tattvacintamani; they have also translated some sections of the work. With this present work which comprises accurate translation,faithful interpretation and scholarly study of the isvaravada section of Tattvacintamani of Gangesa, Dr Vattanky has joined this group of eminent scholars. The Isvaravada of Gangesa has not been translated and studied so far in any modern language, Indian or Western. Even among Sanskrit commentaries only Pragalbhya (whose work exists only in manuscript) has gone into details. Dr Vattanky has made use of his work also and this enhances the merit of his work.
I have gone through the translation carefully; it is done with accuracy. The commentary brings out the meaning of the text clearly and the study is exhaustive and in some respects original...All these - the exactitude of his translation, the faithfulness of his commentaries and the rigour of his studies-show that Dr Vattanky is carrying on the traditions of the eminent scholars under whom he had the good fortune to study..... The present work, in my opinion, combines thoroughness with subtlety.'
From the forward by Professor Gopikamohan Battacharya.

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