Eminent Theosophists -CD


The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875 , is a world wide body whose primany object is Universal Brotherhood. The Society imposes no belief on its members who are united by a common search for Truth by engaging themselves in study, reflection, purity of life and loving service.
History reveals that many a nation, society, movement and institution flourishes under great leadership. Who are the outstanding men and women inspired by the eternal Divine Wisdom called Theosophy, who in their turn inspired the members of this unique and great movement called the Theosophical Society?
The founders of the Theosophical Society were H.P.Blavatsky, and H.S.Olcott, who was President of the Society for his lifetime. Dr Annie Besant was the second President and most widely known for her writings, speeches and multifarious social reform activities. Many other Theosophists of distinction made their own contributions and set an example to thousands of others to work for inner transformation, as well as better order and harmony in human society. This CD contains photographs and biographical notes of a number of such Theosophists.
More can be known about the leaders of the Theosophifal Society, their work for the emancipation of humanity and their inspiring teachings from the hundreds of books published by the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar , Chennai , India.

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