Annie Besant A Character Sketch

Stead, W.T.
Theosophical Publishing House
Annie Besant  A Character Sketch W.T. Stead Cover

Well known humanist and journalist W.T.Stead writes of Annie Besant;
“There are few living women who have in them more of some elements of the Christian saint than this fiery assailant of the Christian creed”.
He traces the various phases of her search for truth, during which she often had to choose between her convictions and her affections. But the great saying ‘Whoso loveth father or mother and friends more than Me is not worthy of Me’ ever sounded in her soul and without faltering she followed her convictions.

W.T.Stead was well known as the editor of the Pall Mall Gazette and The Review of Reviews. From 1893 to1897 he published Borderland, dealing with spiritualism, telepathy and the invisible world.A crusader against social evils, he was in the forefront of liberal thought. Though an avowed Christian, he found common ground with Annie Besant, who was then an atheist, in service of humanity and struggle against oppression..

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