Apocalypse and Initiation

Grove, Daisey E.
Theosophical Publishing House
Apocalypse and Initiation Daisy Grove Cover

The Apocalypse And Initiation – Daisy E. Grove
The first part of the book explains the symbolism of Apocalypse. An enigma to orthodoxy, this word has been interpreted in countless ways and speculated upon for the hidden meaning it is intended to convey. Significantly it found inclusion in the Christian Canon and has been preserved unaltered through centuries.
In the second part, the author explains that apocalypse is indeed ‘unveiling’ of what had been hidden, and goes on to present the Mystery-Drama of Initiation, in seven principal acts/ episodes based on the authorized version of the Bible. The drama ends with the marriage, symbolizing the union of the soul and the spirit.
The author acknowledges her indebtedness to The Apocalypse Unsealed by J. M. Pryse.

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