Come Unto Me

Wood, Ernest
Theosophical Publishing House

Come Unto Me and Other Writings - Paperback
We are happy to introduce to the public the writings of Professor Ernest Wood, who was a leading theosophist of his times (1883-1965). The contents of this book appeared first as articles in The Theosophist , and deal with a wide range of subjects in a stimulating and insightful manner which we trust will be a welcome addition to spiritual literature.
Ernest Wood scholar, writer and lecturer, was born in 1883 in England and was attracted to Theosophy at a young age. He arrived in India early in the twentieth century, and assisted Annie Besant in educational work. He was the founder of the Theosophical College, Madanapalle, and Principal of the Sind National College, Hyderabad ( now in Pakistan). Professor Wood wrote many books on philosophical subjects, but had a particular interest in Yoga. After World War II, he went to the United States, where he was for several years President and Dean of the American Academy of Asian Studies in San Francisco and later joined the staff of the University of Houston, Texas.

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