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Dharma -Paperback


'Dharma' is a term which has now become part of the world vocabulary, but very few know the range and depth of its meaning. Annie Besant, having studied the great discourse on dharma of Bhishma in the Mahabharata, introduces this complex and deep subject to the lay reader. Morality or dharma is subtle, varying from individual to individual, for it is the law by which the inner nature unfolds in each one from his or her particular stage in evolution. This is a subject of great relevance to all individuals and nations of the world, treated in this book with the innate wisdom and intuitive insight of the author.


ANNIE BESANT (1847-1933) second President of the Theosophical Society (1907-1933) was described as a 'Diamond Soul', for she had many brilliant facets to her character. She was an outstanding orator of her time, a champion of human freedom, educationist, philanthropist and author with more than three hundred books and pamphlets to her credit. She also guided thousands of men and women all over the world in their spiritual quest.

In her earlier days in England, she did remarkable work as a Freethinker and Fabian socialist, and supported many noble causes, including women's rights. From 1893, she lived in India and worked indefatigably for the cultural and spiritual renaissance of the country. She organized the Home Rule movement and inspired Indians with a dynamic vision of India's future.

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