Leadbeater, Charles W.
Theosophical Publishing House
Dreams Cover

Dreams are part of common experience, yet a mystery that is little understood. Psychologists and others who are ignorant of the human being's true constitution, ranging across several subtle levels, are only groping to learn their significance. C.W.Leadbeater, an eminent clairvoyant and author of many books, explains in the manual how human consciousness funcitions when the body is asleep and how it is affected by the experiences in the physical and subtle worlds. These experiences take shape as dreams of different kinds - true, prophetic, symbolical, confused and so on.
The author exphasizes the importance of mastery over thought processes and lower passions in order to respond to the influences of the true Self within. The last thoughts before going to sleep must be about pure and holy things. The dreams will not disturb the serene and joyful experience of higher worlds.

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